The Proposal

Located near Millom in south west Cumbria, the Langthwaite wind farm is proposed to consist of six wind turbines measuring up to 100m to the blade tips.

The project would have an installed capacity of up to 12MW and would produce enough power for approximately 6,500 households1.

As well as generating significant amounts of safe, clean renewable electricity, we will also establish a Community Fund to support good causes local to the wind farm. This will be worth approximately £60,000 every year over the lifetime of the wind farm.

The application also includes access tracks, underground cabling, control building and substation plus a temporary construction compound and crane hard-standings.

After 25 years, the wind farm will be decommissioned and the land restored to its former appearance.

1 Based on local wind data and installation of 2MW turbines. Homes served figure based on average domestic electricity consumption per household in England in 2009, as published by DECC.

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